Bussiness Bookings QnA

Can I make a booking if I am not a travel manager?
Yes. As long as you are the traveler and you have credentials as a traveler you can make
bookings but only for yourself. Depending on the travel policy of your company you might
need an approval from your travel manager.


Can two travel managers make a booking for the same person withing the same company?

Yes. All travel managers can make bookings for all the travelers. In case an approval is
needed, however (according to the corporate travel policy) only the travel manager who
initially registered the specific traveler has the right to do so and not any other travel


Can I really make a booking and issue the ticket (and therefore get charged) up to 48 hours
before the trip?

Yes. If the carrier gives that option, Figame.com will do all the processes needed in order to
get the maximum option existing. This can come up to 48 hours before the trip.


I want to put children in the travelers profile of a corporation. Is that possible?

Yes. Just register the children as normal travelers. Don’t forget that you will have to connect
them to an e mail address (this e mail address has to be unique).


What are the payment methods available?

The available payment methods are: credit card and bank deposit.


Can I issue a travel service (flight , hotel, car rental etc.) without the use of a credit card?

Yes. Through Figame.com you can issue a ticket and pay later either with a credit card or a
bank deposit. A prior agreement will have to be signed with Figame.com so don’t leave the
signatures part for the last moment.


Can I rent a car on a full credit basis?

Yes. But this is possible only for Greece and with prior agreement with Figame.com


Can I enroll to a specific Reward category (platinum, gold, silver, bronze) without having
reached the respective travel spending? Can I only enroll after the end of the 1 st rolling

We will enroll you to any reward category you select (with immediate use of their rewards)
by paying upfront the 50% of the category you want. Payment can take place with a credit
card or with a bank transfer. After 6 months the remaining half amount will again be paid
upfront. Be informed that you will be able to use only half of therewards.

Can I book any airport lounge I want?

Absolutely. It just needs to be one of those that there is an existing deal. You can search
through figame.com lounges tab all the available airport lounges.