Cookies policy

Cookies policy,

Cookies is a small piece of data that contains an id and is sent from the server to the browser and the browser forwars it to the server without any modification on every message exchange. Cookies cannot transmit viruses nor can gain access to the users hard drive.

Required cookies make the website functional.
The website uses cookies that are necessary in order for it to function properly and
in order to be able to provide the services the user requested - e.g booking flight tickets and other services.
These cookies are used throught the browsing of the website and are only used for technical reasons. These cookies cannot be disabled.
In case they are disabled, FIGAME will not be able to serve your requests through its website.

Cookies that are used:
Session cookies - that store information during a session. These cookies generate an (anonymous) ID for that particular user
in order to temporarily store users information such as the users options during the booking process, sending data from one page to another (internally - to the FIGAME website) etc.
In order to successfully complete a booking, FIGAME must know what the user requested (selected flight, seats etc).

This information is recovered using the session id.
Session cookies are also used to store users option for cookies usage ( Cookies agree default setting: yes for required cookies) and for non-mandatory cookies (default setting: no) throughout the session.
The session cookies are deleted when the user reloads the browser.


Figame uses matomo analytics. Through those, information is gathered about how users interact with the site, including the content they visit as they browse the site, and about the number of users and the number of bookings made. This information is collected for the purpose of improving our website, performance and / or design of it.

Matomo analytics can collect user IP address & user agent (browser) information. The data recorded does not directly identify users.

The duration of data collections through matomo Analytics is one week.

The user selects whether or not to enable them. The user may, at any time during his / her browsing the site, change the settings he / she has selected at the beginning of the session regarding cookies through the Cookies Settings button. This tab may revoke the consent that it has provided for the use of optional cookies or allow the use of optional cookies.

The user can disable / delete or enable some or all cookies by changing the settings on his browser. Particularly, depending on the browser the the visitor of figame is using, can visit the following urls for more information on how to disable/enable or delete cookies.

Microsoft Windows Explorer

Google Chrome\\\\\\\_cookies

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari\\\\\\\_US&locale=en\\\\\\\_US

If the user opts to disable the use of all or some of the necessary cookies that are required for the website in order to function properly the functionality / performance may be affected and the user might not be able to access the content of the website, therefore it is not possible to provide services to the user. Figame will not be liable to the user for this reason.

The user can delete cookies stored in his / her equipment. However, deleting them may adversely affect the functionality / performance of the site and therefore it is not possible to provide services to the user. The user understands and agrees that Figame will not be liable to the user for this reason.

This website requires the use of cookies in order to function properly and to provide services. The user is informed when first visiting the website.

Figame can change its Cookie policy without further notifing its users. The users are requested to check this cookie policy periodically.

For further information on the cookies policy for this website, contact us.